The CFO’s Guide To Demystifying Internet Marketing

By Roy Nakamura: For Executives by A Former Executive

About Roy Nakamura

President at Horizon Web Services

• MBA finance, University of Chicago Booth
School of Business, passed CPA exam

• BS Engineering, Masters in Journalism

• 25 years Silicon Valley corporate finance

• Business Person of The Year, 2008, Las
Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce

• Board of Directors experience with
United Way, Financial Executives
International, Asian Chamber of

The Mystery

The 7 Spending Traps To
Avoid in Internet Marketing

1. Vanity Metrics Illusion
2. Google Analytics Overwhelm
3. Field of Dreams Fallacy
4. Inadequate Lead Follow Up
5. How To Get Outside Help
6. Low Tech Email and Snail Mail Work
7. Do Narrow (Not Wide) Focus Niche Marketing

Book includes:
The “3 Date Rule”
How It Applies
To Internet